Sheriff Ric Bradshaw

Sheriff of Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has dedicated over five decades to law enforcement, making significant contributions to public safety in Palm Beach County. Beginning his career with the West Palm Beach Police Department, he rose through the ranks to become Chief of Police in 1996. In 2004, Bradshaw was elected as the Sheriff of Palm Beach County and has been re-elected for five terms, making him the longest-serving sheriff in the county's history. Bradshaw leads the largest law enforcement agency in Palm Beach County, overseeing six departments and a workforce of over 4,300 employees and 1,500 volunteers. His leadership has been marked by a tough-on-crime approach, focusing on dismantling gangs, combating cybercrime, and addressing human trafficking. He has also prioritized mental health support within the agency and invested significantly in new technologies and community programs. An advocate for community-based policing, Bradshaw holds numerous prestigious positions, including Chairman of the Florida Sheriffs Emergency Task Force for Region 7 and membership on the Executive Board of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management and a Master's in Administration with a specialization in Emergency Management​ (Florida Sheriffs Association)​​ (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)​​ (FL Politics)​.
9.30 - 10.30 AM Opening Ceremony

Monday 16th Sept

Opening Ceremony: Honor Guard Presentation and Keynote Address by the Sheriff

Kick off the SMILE Conference with an inspiring and ceremonial start. The Honor Guard will present the colors, symbolizing our dedication to duty, honor, and service. This solemn moment sets the tone for our conference, reminding us of the core values that drive our law enforcement community. Following the presentation, we will have the honor of hearing from the Sheriff. His keynote address will offer valuable insights and set the stage for the discussions and learning that will take place over the course of the conference. His words will underscore the importance of social media in law enforcement, the challenges we face, and the innovative solutions we can implement to better serve our communities.