José L. Diego

Head of the Innovation & Project Management Division
10:05 - 11:00 AM Breakout Session

Wednesday 18th Sept

Hybrid threats, AI and new technologies affecting Community Policing and Social media: A European research perspective

The European Commission is enabling research activities involving Police Forces in order to prevent and find innovative solutions to security challenges. This is a great opportunity for Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to collaborate with other LEAs, Industry (companies, developers...) and Academia (Universities, security research entities...) so they can get valuable knowledge, provide user requirements, test new prototypes and uptake new technologies on security management. These research projects and activities provide added value and relevant outputs to the European Police forces: Engagement with the community, prevention of disinformation campaigns and polarization, countering hate speech, networking & sharing best practices with other entities in Europe facing these same challenges, etc. Some of the results that could be presented to the audience are: the European Network to counter Hybrid Threats, the community policing & social media management platform and strategies, the TAHCLE hate crime & hate speech police training programme (designed by the OSCE).