Ben M.

CyberNest Labs
9:00 - 10:00 AM - Breakout Session

Wednesday 18th Sept

Python for OSINT - Leveraging AI and Machine Learning

This course is designed specifically to arm professionals with the Python skills necessary for advanced OSINT applications. This course incorporates AI and machine learningtechnologies, including computer vision, generative audio, and the use of local large language models (LLMs) for enhancing coding and debugging practices. Our program is meticulously crafted for beginners but scales to challenge even seasoned professionals. It covers essential skills such as setting up development environments, managing version control with GitHub, and automating OSINT tasks. The highlight of the course is a capstone project where participants apply what they’ve learned by building an application using the latest AI tools and open-source neural networks. This program not only builds technical skills but also focuses on their real-world applications in intelligence, business analysis, and investigations. As a recognized expert in pioneering OSINT techniques using AI, I have had the privilege of training key personnel from notable organizations such as the Metropolitan Police, the Home Office, and security teams at Buckingham Palace. My experience and insights into the intersection of AI and OSINT provide valuable perspectives that are both current and practical.