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Tommy Thompson, MPO

Fairfax County Police

Nathan Dayler, Detective

Large Canadian Police Service

Christian Quinn

Fulcrum Innovation

Sarai Rivera, Victim Specialist

Fairfax County Police

Reanna Jacobson, MPO

Fairfax County Police

Morgan Butler, Engagement and Outreach Manager for Public Policy, Twitter


Ray McCoy, Detective

Fairfax County Police

Chris Cognac, Sergeant (ret.)

Coffee With a Cop

Paul Walker, Sergeant

Abbotsford, BC Police

Chris Tucker, Special Agent

Homeland Security Investigations

Steve Peterson, Team Lead

Montgomery County Maryland Community Emergency Response Team

Dustin Sternbeck, Director of Communications

Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia

Eric Fredricks, Officer

Waterford, CT Police

Tim Cotton, Lieutenant

Bangor, ME Police Department

Sean Stephenson, Manager of Digital Services Unit

Calgary Police Service

Meg Hawkins, PFC

Fairfax County Police

Hodges, K9 Officer

Waterford, CT Police

Beidi Dong, Professor of Criminology

George Mason University

Nicole Brown, Sergeant

Metropolitan Police Department

Lauri Stevens

LAwS Communications

Laurie McCann, Constable

Large Canadian Police Service

Kevin Davis, Chief of Police

Fairfax County Police

Shirley Ginwright, Civil Rights activist

Public Safety Outreach Foundation

Evan Nicholas, Law Enforcement Outreach Lead


Browser, K9 Officer

Fairfax County Police

Meaghan Gray, Chief Communications Officer

Toronto Police Association

Kristen Sanders, Victim Advocate Specialist

Fairfax County Police

Blake Allbritton, Detective

Fairfax County Police

Saly Fayez, Director, Victim Services Division

Fairfax County Police

Amanda Paris, Detective

Fairfax County Police

Howard Ludwig, Assistant Director

Fairfax County Police