Stephan & Kim Santman

Head of Education / Instructor | International Anti Crime Academy
11:05 - 12:00 PM General Session

Wednesday 18th Sept

Cyber HUMINT: Infiltration into the Digital Social World

In recent years, criminals have increasingly utilized social media and online platforms to share information and forge and maintain connections. They have become adept at shielding their personal and confidential data by employing techniques such as anonymous browsers, false online identities, private messaging, and closed group discussions. Last year alone, a platform like Facebook removed over 2 billion fraudulent accounts involved in covert communication within criminal circles, fraudulent activities, and spreading disinformation. Traditional investigative methods are falling short in gathering crucial information. More and more cases demonstrate that investigators must immerse themselves in the digital world of these criminals. The lecture "Infiltration into the Digital Social World" introduces an innovative approach to gathering digital intelligence. This presentation will highlight several real-life cases where Cyber-HUMINT (Human Intelligence through digital channels) played a critical role in investigating criminal organizations and individuals. Cyber-HUMINT is a method where investigators anonymously and discreetly use digital channels and psychological deception to obtain information from individuals who are otherwise unreachable by standard investigative techniques. The goal of this presentation is to explore how investigators can legally infiltrate the digital domains of criminals and their organizations, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of modern digital investigations.