Jordan Mirakian

Sergeant | Seal Beach PD
I'm excited about the opportunity to speak at SMILE and present our session, "The Power of Humor in Law Enforcement Social Media." During my presentation, I’ll dive into our unique approach of using humor in our messaging, how we've built trust within our community, and the impact of our efforts during significant events like the "Caravan 4 Justice" protests and the COVID-19 lockdowns. We've developed a nationally recognized social media presence that effectively blends humor, authenticity, and informative storytelling. With over 40,000 followers on our Facebook and Instagram platforms, we've successfully built a strong and engaged community, especially amongst law enforcement social media managers.
10:05 - 11:00 AM Genreal Session

Tuesday 17th Sept

From Serious To Social: Changing Public Perception, One Post At A Time

Why it's ok to use humor on a law enforcement social media platform. Seal Beach is a small beach community in Orange County, California. With just over 24,000 residents, we have gained national recognition in the law enforcement social media community for our unique blend of humor, authenticity and informative storytelling on our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Our presentation discusses different ways we incorporate humor in our message, and how we have successfully built trust in our community and beyond by being relatable and authentic. We also discuss how our platforms were instrumental in quelling civil unrest during the "Caravan 4 Justice" protests in our community and how our "Live" ride-a-longs kept our community engaged during the COVID lockdowns.