Now you can get a sample of the quality of #SMILEcon, no matter where you are in the world.

#LESM Master Classes

This is a series of ten #LESM masterclasses focused on law enforcement, produced by LAwS Communications. The classes are free to confirmed #SMILEcon delegates. Others may purchase all ten classes for $150 and receive a $100 credit towards the SMILE Conference®.

Now you can get a sample of the quality of #SMILEcon, no matter where you are in the world. All times listed are Eastern.




11 am

Amanda Coleman, Greater Manchester, UK

Being Crisis Ready

This presentation will cover what organisations need to have in place to be ready when the worst happens. Drawing from 20 years of real-world experience, Amanda will cover the importance of risk identification, preparing and training for staff.

1 pm

Eric Atstupenas, Esq MA Chiefs of Police, US

Dealing with Haters and Trolls

The issue that many agencies encounter is moderating their own social media pages, particularly when “haters”, “trolls”, or “naysayers”, attack an agency or its personnel in an attempt to negatively impact the public perception of the agency. So, what can an agency do about that? Unsurprisingly, that answer centers on contours of the First Amendment.




11 am

Amanda Coleman, Greater Manchester, UK

Managing the Crisis and the Move to Recovery

Communication priorities during the first hour and the first day. The focus is on the importance of supporting people throughout the crisis and how it is the key to effective crisis communication as well as managing the challenges of moving from crisis to recovery and ensuring readiness for recovery.

1 pm

Constable Rob Carver, Winnipeg Police Service, CA

Responding to a Controversial Use of Force Video

Constable Rob Carver presents the WPS’s controversial response after a use of force incident by officers in the Exchange District area of Winnipeg in June 2020. The video was widely shared on social media and resulted in a press conference by the WPS clarifying the actions of officers.