Meta Expands Verification for Business Package: What It Means for Law Enforcement Agencies

Meta has recently expanded its Verification for Business subscription package, adding new elements and higher-priced tiers to cater to more use cases. Initially available only in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the service is now accessible to businesses in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. This expansion reflects Meta’s confidence in the package’s value and popularity, despite not sharing specific take-up data.

What is Meta Verification for Business?

Meta’s Verification for Business package offers brands a blue checkmark for their Facebook and Instagram profiles. This verified badge, accompanied by enhanced account support and impersonation monitoring, aims to increase credibility and visibility for businesses. The package now includes four increasingly higher-priced verification options, each with a range of add-on benefits:

  • Enhanced Profile: Multiple business link options and visual elements for your links.
  • Search Optimization: Profile appears “at or near the top of search results.”
  • Featured Account: Business shown in dedicated “Meta Verified” display units on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Links in Reels: 2 to 6 links in Reels per month, depending on the price point.
  • Employee Impersonation Protection: Verification badges for chosen employees.
  • Customized Messaging Chats: Dedicated color palettes for customer chats.
  • Account Review: Semi-annual profile reviews from a Meta expert to enhance content strategy (exclusive to top-tier subscribers).

Pricing and Value

The introductory offer provides discounted rates for new subscribers, with costs escalating after the first year. The highest-priced tier reaches $499 per month, or $699.98 per month for both Facebook and Instagram profiles. This pricing raises questions about the value of these packages, especially for smaller agencies and organizations.

Should Law Enforcement Agencies Consider It?

For law enforcement agencies, the decision to invest in Meta’s Verification for Business package depends on several factors:

  1. Enhanced Credibility: The blue checkmark and enhanced profile options could increase public trust and visibility. However, the value of the blue tick might be diluted since it is now purchasable.
  2. Improved Communication: Features like customized messaging chats and links in Reels can enhance engagement with the community, providing more direct and visually appealing communication channels.
  3. Employee Protection: Verification badges for key personnel can help prevent impersonation, a critical concern for public-facing agencies.
  4. Strategic Insights: The semi-annual account reviews could offer valuable insights from Meta experts, potentially improving social media strategy and content effectiveness.


While the high cost of Meta’s Verification for Business package may deter some agencies, the potential benefits could justify the investment for others, particularly those heavily invested in social media engagement. Before making a decision, agencies should evaluate their social media needs, budget constraints, and the potential impact of these enhanced features.

As always, it’s wise to observe how other organizations benefit from these packages before committing significant resources. For now, law enforcement agencies have more options to consider in their quest to enhance their social media presence and community engagement.

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