Instagram is introducing a new feature called Peek, designed to reignite the trend of spontaneous, unfiltered sharing, reminiscent of the BeReal app. Shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, Peek aims to offer users a way to share quick, unedited snapshots of their daily lives with friends.

What is Instagram Peek?

The Peek feature enables users to capture and send one-take images to their friends by simply tapping a smiling camera icon. These images are sent directly to friends’ inboxes and can be viewed only once before disappearing forever. This approach eliminates the possibility of editing or refining the photos, promoting a more authentic and real-time sharing experience.

The Appeal of Peek

The appeal of Peek lies in its simplicity and authenticity. In a social media landscape often dominated by highly curated and edited content, Peek offers a refreshing alternative. Users can share their true, unfiltered moments, providing a more genuine glimpse into their daily lives.

Why Peek Might Succeed

  1. Growing Trend of Private Sharing: With more users gravitating towards private group chats and away from public posting, Peek aligns with the trend of more intimate, direct interactions.
  2. No Set Posting Requirements: Unlike BeReal, which prompts users to post at specific times, Peek offers flexibility. Users can share snapshots whenever they choose, making it a more spontaneous and less pressured experience.
  3. Encouraging Authenticity: The demand for realness and authenticity in social media communication is increasing. Peek caters to this desire by allowing users to share unfiltered moments.

Potential Uses for Law Enforcement Agencies

For law enforcement agencies, Instagram Peek could serve as a valuable tool for community engagement. Here are a few ways agencies might leverage this feature:


Instagram’s Peek feature offers an exciting new way to foster authentic interactions and direct connections among users. By embracing real-time, unfiltered sharing, Peek aligns with the growing desire for genuineness in social media communication. For law enforcement agencies, this feature presents an opportunity to enhance community engagement and build stronger, more transparent relationships with the public.

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